GyotoPolishDoughnut.h File Reference

A toroïdal accretion structure. More...

#include <GyotoStandardAstrobj.h>
#include <GyotoFunctors.h>
#include <GyotoHooks.h>
#include <GyotoBlackBodySpectrum.h>

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class  Gyoto::Astrobj::PolishDoughnut
 A toroïdal accretion structure. More...
class  Gyoto::Astrobj::PolishDoughnut::intersection_t
 double intersection(double) Functor class More...
class  Gyoto::Astrobj::PolishDoughnut::transcendental_t
 double transcendental(double) Functor class More...
class  Gyoto::Astrobj::PolishDoughnut::outerradius_t
 double outerradius(double) Functor class More...


namespace  Gyoto

Namespace for the Gyoto library.

namespace  Gyoto::Astrobj

Access to astronomical objects.

Detailed Description

A toroïdal accretion structure.

Reference: Straub, O.; Vincent, F. H.; Abramowicz, M. A.; Gourgoulhon, E.; & Paumard, T. 2012, Modelling the black hole silhouette in Sagittarius A* with ion tori, A&A 543:83.

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