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double transcendental(double) Functor class More...

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Public Member Functions

virtual double operator() (double) const
 The actual function.
double ridders (double from, double to) const
 Ridder's root-finding method applied on operator()().
double secant (double from, double to)
 Secant root-finding method applied on operator()().

Public Attributes

double const * par
 Parameter array.
const PolishDoughnutpapa
int status
 Exit status code of "various" methods (at least secant() !).

Detailed Description

double transcendental(double) Functor class

Implement former double transcendental(double, double*) function as a Gyoto::Functor::Double_Double_const subclass to access generic root-finding methods.

This class is as a local variable in PolishDoughnut::emission()

Member Function Documentation

double Gyoto::Functor::Double_Double_const::ridders ( double  from,
double  to 
) const [inherited]

Ridder's root-finding method applied on operator()().

from,to boundaries for root-searching
the root
double Gyoto::Functor::Double_Double_const::secant ( double  from,
double  to 
) [inherited]

Secant root-finding method applied on operator()().

Sets status to -0 in case of convergence -1 if two distinct inputs evaluated to the same output -2 if maximum number of iterations (20) reached

from,to boundaries for root-finding
the root

Member Data Documentation

Parameter array.

   double       rr = par[0] ;
   double      n_e = par[1] ;
   double       BB = par[2] ;
   double       Te = par[3] ;
   double   alpha1 = par[4] ;
   double   alpha2 = par[5] ;
   double   alpha3 = par[6] ;

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