Gyoto for Yorick



For direct access to Gyoto, only Yorick (>=2.2) is required. Yorick comes precompiled with many distributions of Linux and is present in the Macports. You can also find source code at

For the graphical user interface Gyotoy, you'll need a few additional pieces. First of all, I seriously doubt it will run under MS Windows, but please report any news on that front.


A collection of utilities for Yorick, distributed as yorick-yutils in many Linux distributions. Actually, only pyk.i is used in Gyotoy (so far), and as of writing, the CVS version is required.

Either get yutils > 1.4.0 from e.g. or fetch pyk.i from the CVS browser at


The graphical interface gyotoy needs yorick-gy and the Gtk 3 GObject Introspection files. Get yorick-gy from:

Under Mac OS X (using macports), install the gtk3 package. Under a Debian derivative GNU/Linux system, install gir1.2-gtk-3.0. Check yorick/README.gyotoy in the source distribution for more details.


From the Gyoto source directory (i.e. the directory which contains the yorick/ subdirectory:

make yorick

You can check the package by running

make check-yorick


sudo make install-yorick


Read gyoto.i and check.i for using Gyoto from within Yorick.

The graphical interface, Gyotoy, can be run with

yorick -i gyotoy.i