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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
Gyoto.h [code]All of Gyoto
GyotoAstrobj.h [code]Astronomical objects (light emitters)
GyotoBlackBodySpectrum.h [code]I_nu(nu, T) = cst_*2*h*nu^3/c^2/(exp(h*nu/k*T)-1.);
GyotoChernSimons.h [code]Chern-Simons 1st order perturbation to KerrBL metric
GyotoComplexAstrobj.h [code]Combine astronomical objects
GyotoComplexSpectrometer.h [code]Combine spectrometer objects
GyotoConfig.h [code]Compile-time configuration
GyotoConverters.h [code]GYOTO converters
GyotoDeformedTorus.h [code]Slender torus subject to simple time-periodic deformations
GyotoDefs.h [code]Gyoto ubiquitous macros and typedefs
GyotoDirectionalDisk.h [code]Geometrically thin disk read from FITS file
GyotoDisk3D.h [code]A geometrically thick, optically thin disk
GyotoDynamicalDisk.h [code]A geometrically thin, optically thick disk, evolving dynamically
GyotoDynamicalDisk3D.h [code]A geometrically thick, optically thin disk, evolving dynamically, with black body emission
GyotoDynamicalDiskBolometric.h [code]A geometrically thin, optically thick disk, evolving dynamically
GyotoEquatorialHotSpot.h [code]Equatorial hot spot
GyotoError.h [code]Error handling
GyotoFactory.h [code]XML I/O
GyotoFactoryMessenger.h [code]Factory / SmartPointee::Subcontractor_t interface
GyotoFixedStar.h [code]Fixed (i.e. non-moving) star
GyotoFunctors.h [code]Classes with an operator() method
GyotoHooks.h [code]Tellers tell Listeners when they mutate
GyotoInflateStar.h [code]
GyotoJet.h [code]Simple jet model from Zdziarski, Stawarz & Sikora (MNRAS,2017)
GyotoKerrBL.h [code]KerrBL metric
GyotoKerrKS.h [code]KerrKS metric
GyotoMetric.h [code]Base class for metric description
GyotoMinkowski.h [code]The Minkowski flat-space metric
GyotoNeutronStar.h [code]Neutron star defined by its surface ; no emission
GyotoNeutronStarAnalyticEmission.h [code]Neutron star emitting at its surface an analytic emission, typically blackbody
GyotoNeutronStarModelAtmosphere.h [code]Neutron star emitting at its surface an analytic emission, typically blackbody
GyotoNumericalMetricLorene.h [code]Base class for 3+1 numerical metrics computed by LORENE
GyotoObject.h [code]Introspectable objects
GyotoOscilTorus.h [code]Slender torus subject to realistic Blaes 2006 oscillation modes
GyotoPageThorneDisk.h [code]A geometrically thin, optically thick disk
GyotoPatternDisk.h [code]A geometrically thin, optically thick disk
GyotoPatternDiskBB.h [code]A PatternDisk object with possibility to compute a black body spectrum when PatternDiskBB::emission_ does not yield directly I but temperature
GyotoPhoton.h [code]A single light ray
GyotoPolishDoughnut.h [code]A toroïdal accretion structure
GyotoPowerLawSpectrum.h [code]A power law spectrum : I_nu=constant_*nu^exponent_
GyotoProperty.h [code]Introspectable properties
GyotoPython.h [code]Extending Gyoto using Python
GyotoRegister.h [code]Gyoto registers
GyotoRezzollaZhidenko.h [code]Spherically-symmetric parametrized metric of Rezzolla&Zhidenko 2014
GyotoRotStar3_1.h [code]Numerical metric around a rotating star in 3+1 formalism
GyotoScenery.h [code]Ray-tracing framework
GyotoScreen.h [code]Description of the observer screen
GyotoSmartPointer.h [code]Reference-counting pointers
GyotoSpectrometer.h [code]Spectroscopic capabilities of a Screen
GyotoSpectrum.h [code]Spectrum of a simple object (e.g. Star)
GyotoStandardAstrobj.h [code]Astronomical objects defined bya a potential/distance
GyotoStar.h [code]Mass-less, spherical object following a timelike geodesic
GyotoStarTrace.h [code]Like a Star that would be on all points of its orbit at all time
GyotoThermalBremsstrahlungSpectrum.h [code]Thermal brems spectrum
GyotoThinDisk.h [code]Geometrically thin disks and rings
GyotoThinDiskIronLine.h [code]
GyotoThinDiskPL.h [code]A subclass of ThinDisk emitting according to a powerlaw
GyotoTorus.h [code]A simple torus
GyotoUniformSpectrometer.h [code]Uniformly spaced spectrometers
GyotoUniformSphere.h [code]Optically thick or thin, spherical objects
GyotoUtils.h [code]GYOTO utilities
GyotoValue.h [code]Introspectable value
GyotoWIP.h [code]Work in progress class
GyotoWorldline.h [code]Timelike or null geodesics

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