GyotoThinDisk.h File Reference

Geometrically thin disks and rings. More...

#include <GyotoMetric.h>
#include <GyotoAstrobj.h>
#include <GyotoSpectrum.h>
#include <GyotoFunctors.h>
#include <GyotoRegister.h>
#include <string>

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class  Gyoto::Astrobj::ThinDisk
 Geometrically thin disks and rings. More...


namespace  Gyoto

Namespace for the Gyoto library.

namespace  Gyoto::Astrobj

Access to astronomical objects.

Detailed Description

Geometrically thin disks and rings.

Gyoto::Astrobj::ThinDisk is a class to represent geometrically thin, optically thick or thin disks or rings in the equatorial plane of the object. It therefore assumes the metric has an equatorial plane, which orresponds to z==0 in a Cartesian coordinate system or to theta==M_PI/2 in a sperical coordinate system.

This calls is not abstract and can be used as is (it keeps the very simplistic Generic::emission() and Generci::transmission()), but it is also a base class to develop classes with more complex emission laws.

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