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Gyoto::Hook::Teller Class Reference

Listen to me and I'll warn you when I change. More...

#include <GyotoHooks.h>

Inheritance diagram for Gyoto::Hook::Teller:
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Public Member Functions

 Teller ()
 Default constructor.
 Teller (const Teller &)
 Copy constructor.
virtual ~Teller ()
virtual void hook (Listener *listener)
 Start listening. More...
virtual void unhook (Listener *listener)
 Stop listening. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual void tellListeners ()
 Call tell() on each hooked Listener. More...

Private Attributes

 Linked list of Listener items.


class Gyoto::Hook::Listener

Detailed Description

Listen to me and I'll warn you when I change.

Listen to me by calling my hook() method.

Member Function Documentation

◆ hook()

virtual void Gyoto::Hook::Teller::hook ( Listener listener)

Start listening.

Use from a Hook::Listener object method:


where "this" is a Listener and "teller" is a Teller.

Use unhook() later to stop listening to a given Teller.

listenerpointer to the new listener

◆ tellListeners()

virtual void Gyoto::Hook::Teller::tellListeners ( )

Call tell() on each hooked Listener.

Whenever a Teller mutates, it should warn any Listener hooked to it using tellListeners().

◆ unhook()

virtual void Gyoto::Hook::Teller::unhook ( Listener listener)

Stop listening.

Use from a Hook::Listener object method:


where "this" is a Listener, "teller" is a Teller, and "this" has called teller->hook(this) previously.

listenerpointer to the listener

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