Gyoto::Property::setter_t Union Reference

Union holding an accessor to set any type. More...

#include <GyotoProperty.h>

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Public Attributes

set_double_t set_double
set_long_t set_long
set_unsigned_long_t set_unsigned_long
set_size_t_t set_size_t
set_bool_t set_bool
set_string_t set_string
set_vector_double_t set_vdouble
set_vector_unsigned_long_t set_vulong
set_metric_t set_metric
set_screen_t set_screen
set_astrobj_t set_astrobj
set_spectrum_t set_spectrum
set_spectrometer_t set_spectrometer

Detailed Description

Union holding an accessor to set any type.

Right type is stored in type

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