Gyoto::SmartPointee Class Reference

Can be pointed to by a SmartPointer. More...

#include <GyotoSmartPointer.h>

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Gyoto::Astrobj::Generic Gyoto::Astrobj::Properties Gyoto::Metric::Generic Gyoto::Photon Gyoto::Scenery Gyoto::Screen Gyoto::Spectrometer::Generic Gyoto::Spectrum::Generic Gyoto::Units::Converter Gyoto::Units::Unit Gyoto::Worldline::IntegState::Generic

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Public Types

typedef Gyoto::SmartPointer
< Gyoto::SmartPointee
Subcontractor_t (Gyoto::FactoryMessenger *, std::vector< std::string > const &)
 A subcontractor builds an object upon order from the Factory.

Public Member Functions

 SmartPointee (const SmartPointee &)
 Copy constructor.
void incRefCount ()
 Increment the reference counter. Warning: Don't mess with the counter.
int decRefCount ()
 Decrement the reference counter and return current value. Warning: Don't mess with the counter.
int getRefCount ()
 Get the current number of references.

Private Attributes

int refCount
 Reference counter.
pthread_mutex_t mutex_
 A mutex.

Detailed Description

Can be pointed to by a SmartPointer.

A class can be pointed to by a SmartPointer when it inherits from class SmartPointee.

The SmartPointee methods need to be public to be accessed by all the SmartPointer < T > classes. However, it is a bad idea to manipulate the counter directly. To protect these methods inside your derive object, you can do as in the following example:

 class Gyoto::Metric : protected Gyoto::SmartPointee
    friend class Gyoto::SmartPointer<Gyoto::Metric::Generic>;

Member Typedef Documentation

A subcontractor builds an object upon order from the Factory.

Various classes need to provide a subcontractor to be able to instantiate themselves upon order from the Factory. A subcontractor is a function (often a static member function) which accepts a pointer to a FactoryMessenger as unique parameter, communicates with the Factory using this messenger to read an XML description of the object to build, and returns this objet. SmartPointee::Subcontractor_t* is just generic enough a typedef to cast to and from other subcontractor types: Astrobj::Subcontractor_t, Metric::Subcontractor_t, Spectrum::Subcontractor_t. A subcontractor needs to be registered using the relevant Register() function: Astrobj::Register(), Metric::Register(), Spectrum::Register().

Member Data Documentation

pthread_mutex_t Gyoto::SmartPointee::mutex_ [private]

A mutex.

When compiled with libpthread

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