Gyoto::Register Namespace Reference

Gyoto registers. More...


class  Entry
 Entry in a register (or a full register). More...


void init (char const *pluglist=NULL)
 Initialise the various registers.
void list ()
 List the various registers.

Detailed Description

Gyoto registers.

Gyoto::Register::Entry instances are used to map kind names to Gyoto::SmartPointee::Subcontractor_t functions used to instantiate objects from XML files through the Gyoto::Factory.

Function Documentation

void Gyoto::Register::init ( char const *  pluglist = NULL  ) 

Initialise the various registers.

Normally called once at application start-up, Register::init() initiaizes the registers, loads the plug-ins, and fills the registers as appropriate.

pluglist Coma-separated list of plug-ins to load. If NULL, default to the environment variable GYOTO_PLUGINS, if it exists. Else use GYOTO_DEFAULT_PLUGINS. Failing to load a plug-in prepended with "nofail:" is not fatal.

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