Namespace List

Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
GyotoNamespace for the Gyoto library
Gyoto::AstrobjAccess to astronomical objects
Gyoto::Astrobj::PythonClasses that wrap Python classes as Gyoto Astrobj implementations
Gyoto::FunctorClasses with an operator() method
Gyoto::HookListeners attach to Tellers
Gyoto::MetricAccess to metrics
Gyoto::PythonHelpers for the classes deriving from Gyoto::Python::Base
Gyoto::RegisterGyoto registers
Gyoto::SpectrometerAccess to spectrometers
Gyoto::SpectrumSpectrum of a simple object (e.g. a Gyoto::Astrobj::Star)
Gyoto::UnitsUnits-related classes and functions

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