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double intersection(double) Functor class More...

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Public Member Functions

 intersection_t (PolishDoughnut *parent)
virtual double operator() (double) const
 The actual function.
double ridders (double from, double to) const
 Ridder's root-finding method applied on operator()().
double secant (double from, double to)
 Secant root-finding method applied on operator()().

Public Attributes

int status
 Exit status code of "various" methods (at least secant() !).

Detailed Description

double intersection(double) Functor class

Implement former double intersection(double) function as a Gyoto::Functor::Double_Double_const subclass to access generic root-finding methods.

This class is instantiated in a single PolishDoughnut::intersection member.

Member Function Documentation

double Gyoto::Functor::Double_Double_const::ridders ( double  from,
double  to 
) const [inherited]

Ridder's root-finding method applied on operator()().

from,to boundaries for root-searching
the root
double Gyoto::Functor::Double_Double_const::secant ( double  from,
double  to 
) [inherited]

Secant root-finding method applied on operator()().

Sets status to -0 in case of convergence -1 if two distinct inputs evaluated to the same output -2 if maximum number of iterations (20) reached

from,to boundaries for root-finding
the root

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