Gyoto::Screen::Coord1dSet Class Reference

Set of 1-d coordinates: indices or angles. More...

#include <GyotoScreen.h>

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Gyoto::Screen::Angles Gyoto::Screen::Indices Gyoto::Screen::Range Gyoto::Screen::RepeatAngle

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Public Member Functions

 Coord1dSet (CoordType_e k)
 Set kind during initialization.
virtual ~Coord1dSet ()
 Virtual destructor.
virtual void begin ()=0
 Reset specifier to point to the first value.
virtual bool valid ()=0
 True if pointing to something, false if end has been reached.
virtual size_t size ()=0
 Number of values in this container.
virtual size_t operator* () const
 Get size_t value currently pointed to.
virtual double angle () const
 Get double value currently pointed to.
virtual Coord1dSetoperator++ ()=0
 Increment iterator (point to next value).
virtual size_t index () const =0
 Get index of value currently pointed to.

Public Attributes

const CoordType_e kind
 Whether this specifier represents angles or pixels.

Detailed Description

Set of 1-d coordinates: indices or angles.

Acts like a container (array-like) of either size_t (pixel coordinate) or double (angle) values. This container can be iterated-through using the operator++(), derefenced using the operator*() (if containing pixel coordinates) or angle() (in containing angles).

Member Function Documentation

virtual size_t Gyoto::Screen::Coord1dSet::index (  )  const [pure virtual]

Get index of value currently pointed to.

Starts at 0 and is implemented each time operator++ is called. Depending on the implementation, this may be a real index or computed on demand.

Implemented in Gyoto::Screen::Range, Gyoto::Screen::Indices, Gyoto::Screen::Angles, and Gyoto::Screen::RepeatAngle.

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