Gyoto::Screen::Range Class Reference

1D coordinated specifier for a range More...

#include <GyotoScreen.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Range (size_t mi, size_t ma, size_t d)
 Specify min, max and step of this range.
void begin ()
 Reset specifier to point to the first value.
bool valid ()
 True if pointing to something, false if end has been reached.
size_t size ()
 Number of values in this container.
Coord1dSetoperator++ ()
 Increment iterator (point to next value).
size_t operator* () const
 Get size_t value currently pointed to.
virtual size_t index () const
 Get index of value currently pointed to.
virtual double angle () const
 Get double value currently pointed to.

Public Attributes

const CoordType_e kind
 Whether this specifier represents angles or pixels.

Protected Attributes

const size_t mi_
const size_t ma_
const size_t d_
const size_t sz_
size_t cur_

Detailed Description

1D coordinated specifier for a range

Member Function Documentation

virtual size_t Gyoto::Screen::Range::index (  )  const [virtual]

Get index of value currently pointed to.

Starts at 0 and is implemented each time operator++ is called. Depending on the implementation, this may be a real index or computed on demand.

Implements Gyoto::Screen::Coord1dSet.

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