Gyoto::Screen::Grid Class Reference

Class containing 2D-points organized in a grid. More...

#include <GyotoScreen.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Grid (Coord1dSet &iset, Coord1dSet &jset, const char *const p=NULL)
virtual Coord2dSetoperator++ ()
 Increment pointer.
virtual GYOTO_ARRAY< size_t, 2 > operator* () const
 Get pixel coordinates.
virtual void begin ()
 Reset pointer.
virtual bool valid ()
 Whether the end has not been passed.
virtual size_t size ()
 Number of positions contained.
virtual GYOTO_ARRAY< double, 2 > angles () const
 Get angle coordinates.

Public Attributes

const CoordType_e kind
 Whether this set holds pixels or angle specifications.

Protected Attributes

char * prefix_
 If non-NULL, cout j each tims it is incremented.

Detailed Description

Class containing 2D-points organized in a grid.

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