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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
Gyoto.h [code]All of Gyoto
GyotoAstrobj.h [code]Astronomical objects (light emitters)
GyotoBlackBodySpectrum.h [code]I_nu(nu, T) = cst_*2*h*nu^3/c^2/(exp(h*nu/k*T)-1.);
GyotoBlob.h [code]Blob of plasma following a Star orbit, emitting synchrotron, with Gaussian time-evolving density and temperature
GyotoChernSimons.h [code]Chern-Simons 1st order perturbation to KerrBL metric
GyotoComplexAstrobj.h [code]Combine astronomical objects
GyotoComplexSpectrometer.h [code]Combine spectrometer objects
GyotoConfig.h [code]Compile-time configuration
GyotoConverters.h [code]GYOTO converters
GyotoDeformedTorus.h [code]Slender torus subject to simple time-periodic deformations
GyotoDefs.h [code]Gyoto ubiquitous macros and typedefs
GyotoDirectionalDisk.h [code]Geometrically thin disk read from FITS file
GyotoDisk3D.h [code]A geometrically thick, optically thin disk
GyotoDynamicalDisk.h [code]A geometrically thin, optically thick disk, evolving dynamically
GyotoDynamicalDisk3D.h [code]A geometrically thick, optically thin disk, evolving dynamically, with black body emission
GyotoDynamicalDiskBolometric.h [code]A geometrically thin, optically thick disk, evolving dynamically
GyotoEquatorialHotSpot.h [code]Equatorial hot spot
GyotoError.h [code]Error handling
GyotoFactory.h [code]XML I/O
GyotoFactoryMessenger.h [code]Factory / SmartPointee::Subcontractor_t interface
GyotoFixedStar.h [code]Fixed (i.e. non-moving) star
GyotoFlaredDiskSynchrotron.h [code]A disk defined from a 2D grid in the equatorial plane and extrapolated in the vertical direction with H/r<<1
GyotoFunctors.h [code]Classes with an operator() method
GyotoGridData2D.h [code]Base class for reading 2D gridded data
GyotoHayward.h [code]Metric of a regular rotating black hole or naked worm-hole
GyotoHooks.h [code]Tellers tell Listeners when they mutate
GyotoInflateStar.h [code]Mass-less, spherical object following a timelike geodesic
GyotoJet.h [code]Simple jet model with thermal or kappa-distribution synchrotron emission from Pandya et al. (2016)
GyotoKappaDistributionSynchrotronSpectrum.h [code]Powerlaw synchrotron spectrum
GyotoKerrBL.h [code]KerrBL metric
GyotoKerrKS.h [code]KerrKS metric
GyotoMetric.h [code]Base class for metric description
GyotoMinkowski.h [code]The Minkowski flat-space metric
GyotoNeutronStar.h [code]Neutron star defined by its surface ; no emission
GyotoNeutronStarAnalyticEmission.h [code]Neutron star emitting at its surface an analytic emission, typically blackbody
GyotoNeutronStarModelAtmosphere.h [code]Neutron star emitting at its surface an analytic emission, typically blackbody
GyotoNumericalMetricLorene.h [code]Base class for 3+1 numerical metrics computed by LORENE
GyotoObject.h [code]Introspectable objects
GyotoOscilTorus.h [code]Slender torus subject to realistic Blaes 2006 oscillation modes
GyotoPageThorneDisk.h [code]A geometrically thin, optically thick disk
GyotoPatternDisk.h [code]A geometrically thin, optically thick disk
GyotoPatternDiskBB.h [code]A PatternDisk object with possibility to compute a black body spectrum when PatternDiskBB::emission_ does not yield directly I but temperature
GyotoPhoton.h [code]A single light ray
GyotoPolishDoughnut.h [code]A magnetized toroidal accretion structure
GyotoPowerLawSpectrum.h [code]A power law spectrum : I_nu=constant_*nu^exponent_
GyotoPowerLawSynchrotronSpectrum.h [code]Powerlaw synchrotron spectrum
GyotoProperty.h [code]Introspectable properties
GyotoPython.h [code]Extending Gyoto using Python
GyotoRegister.h [code]Gyoto registers
GyotoRezzollaZhidenko.h [code]Spherically-symmetric parametrized metric of Rezzolla&Zhidenko 2014 See the paper: PRD, 90, 084009 Only epsilon, a0, a1, a2, a3, b0, b1, b2, b3 are allowed non-zero
GyotoRotStar3_1.h [code]Numerical metric around a rotating star in 3+1 formalism
GyotoScenery.h [code]Ray-tracing framework
GyotoScreen.h [code]Description of the observer screen
GyotoSmartPointer.h [code]Reference-counting pointers
GyotoSpectrometer.h [code]Spectroscopic capabilities of a Screen
GyotoSpectrum.h [code]Spectrum of a simple object (e.g. Star)
GyotoStandardAstrobj.h [code]Astronomical objects defined bya a potential/distance
GyotoStar.h [code]Mass-less, spherical object following a timelike geodesic
GyotoStarTrace.h [code]Like a Star that would be on all points of its orbit at all time
GyotoThermalBremsstrahlungSpectrum.h [code]Thermal brems spectrum
GyotoThermalSynchrotronSpectrum.h [code]Thermal synchrotron spectrum
GyotoThickDisk.h [code]A thick accretion disk described by its opening angle between the BH spin axis and the disk surface, and its inner radius
GyotoThinDisk.h [code]Geometrically thin disks and rings
GyotoThinDiskIronLine.h [code]
GyotoThinDiskPL.h [code]A subclass of ThinDisk emitting according to a powerlaw
GyotoTorus.h [code]A simple torus
GyotoUniformSpectrometer.h [code]Uniformly spaced spectrometers
GyotoUniformSphere.h [code]Optically thick or thin, spherical objects
GyotoUtils.h [code]GYOTO utilities
GyotoValue.h [code]Introspectable value
GyotoWIP.h [code]Work in progress class
GyotoWorldline.h [code]Timelike or null geodesics
GyotoXillverReflection.h [code]The illumination table specifies how the thin disk is illuminated while the reflection table deduces from that the reflected spectrum as computed by Javier Garcia's XILLVER code. The metric is imposed to be Kerr for simplicity

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