Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Gyoto::Screen::Angles1D specifier for an arbitrary angle coordinate set
Gyoto::Python::BaseBase class for classes in the Python plug-in
Gyoto::Spectrum::BlackBodyBlack Body
Gyoto::Astrobj::BlobBlob of plasma following a Star orbit, emitting synchrotron, with Gaussian time-evolving density and temperature
Gyoto::Worldline::IntegState::BoostBoost integrator
Gyoto::Screen::BucketClass containing arbitrary 2D-points
Gyoto::Astrobj::ComplexComplex astronomical object
Gyoto::Spectrometer::ComplexComplex spectrometer object
Gyoto::Units::ConverterWrapper around ut_converter from udunits
Gyoto::Screen::Coord1dSetSet of 1-d coordinates: indices or angles
Gyoto::Screen::Coord2dSetClass to specify a set of points on the Screen
Gyoto::Astrobj::DirectionalDiskGeometrically thin disk read from FITS file
Gyoto::Astrobj::Disk3DGeometrically thick disk read from FITS file
Gyoto::Functor::Double_constDoubleArrayA functor like double (func) (double const data[])
Gyoto::Functor::Double_Double_constA functor like double (func) (double) const
Gyoto::Astrobj::DynamicalDiskGeometrically thin disk read from a set of FITS files
Gyoto::Astrobj::DynamicalDisk3DGeometrically thick optically thin disk read from a set of FITS files
Gyoto::Astrobj::DynamicalDiskBolometricGeometrically thin disk read from a set of FITS files
Gyoto::Screen::EmptyA dummy, empty 2D set
Gyoto::Register::EntryEntry in a register (or a full register)
Gyoto::ErrorClass for thowing exceptions
Gyoto::FactoryXML input/output
Gyoto::FactoryMessengerFactory / SmartPointee::Subcontractor_t interface
Gyoto::Astrobj::FixedStarFixed (i.e. non-moving) star (or spherical blob)
Gyoto::Metric::GenericBase class for metrics
Gyoto::Spectrometer::GenericBase class for spectrometers
Gyoto::Spectrum::GenericSpectrum emitted by an Astrobj
Gyoto::Worldline::IntegState::GenericCurrent state of a geodesic integration
Gyoto::Astrobj::GenericBase class for astronomical object
Gyoto::Property::getter_tUnion holding an accessor to get any type
Gyoto::Property::getter_unit_tUnion holding an accessor to get double or vector<double> with unit
Gyoto::Screen::GridClass containing 2D-points organized in a grid
Gyoto::GridData2DClass for reading data stored in a 2D grid
Gyoto::Metric::HaywardMetric of a regular rotating black hole or naked worm-hole
Gyoto::Screen::Indices1D specifier for an arbitrary pixel coordinate set
Gyoto::Astrobj::InflateStarAn Astrobj::Star with growing size
Gyoto::Astrobj::PolishDoughnut::intersection_tDouble intersection(double) Functor class
Gyoto::Astrobj::JetSimple jet model with thermal or kappa-distribution synchrotron emission from Pandya et al. (2016)
Gyoto::Spectrum::KappaDistributionSynchrotronKappa-distribution synchrotron spectrum from Pandya et al. (2016)
Gyoto::Metric::KerrBLMetric around a Kerr black-hole in Boyer-Lindquist coordinates
Gyoto::Metric::KerrKSMetric around a Kerr black-hole in Kerr-Schild coordinates Warning: this metric is seldom used and may be buggy
Gyoto::Worldline::IntegState::LegacyObsolete: Home-brewed integrator
Gyoto::Hook::ListenerI might listen to a Teller
ListenerItemPrivate (undocumented) class to hold listeners_
Gyoto::Metric::MinkowskiThe Minkowski flat-space metric
Gyoto::Astrobj::NeutronStarNeutron star defined by its surface ; no emission
Gyoto::Astrobj::NeutronStarAnalyticEmissionNeutron star emitting at its surface an analytic emission, typically blackbody
Gyoto::Astrobj::NeutronStarModelAtmosphereNeutron star emitting at its surface an emission provided by a FITS table
Gyoto::NumericalMetricLoreneClass for 3+1 numerical metrics computed by LORENE. This class can handle (so far) any kind of LORENE metric, stars, collapsing stars, Kerr, boson star e.g
Gyoto::ObjectObject with properties
Gyoto::Astrobj::PolishDoughnut::outerradius_tDouble outerradius(double) Functor class
Gyoto::Astrobj::PageThorneDiskGeometrically thin disk in Kerr metric
Gyoto::Astrobj::PatternDiskGeometrically thin disk read from FITS file
Gyoto::Astrobj::PatternDiskBBGeometrically thin disk read from FITS file with black body spectrum
Gyoto::PhotonA null geodesic transporting light
Gyoto::Astrobj::PolishDoughnutA toroidal accretion structure
Gyoto::Spectrum::PowerLawSynchrotronPowerlaw synchrotron spectrum
Gyoto::Astrobj::PropertiesObservable properties of an Astronomical object
Gyoto::PropertyProperty that can be set and got using standard methods
Gyoto::Metric::PythonMetric coded in Python
Gyoto::Spectrum::PythonLoader for Python classes implementing the Spectrum interface
Gyoto::Screen::Range1D coordinated specifier for a range
Gyoto::Photon::RefinedRefine last step of integration in a Photon
Gyoto::Screen::RepeatAngle1D specifier for an angle that is repeated
Gyoto::Metric::RotStar3_1Numerical metric around a rotating star in 3+1 formalism
Gyoto::SceneryRay-tracing scene
Gyoto::ScreenThe camera with which the Astrobj is observed
Gyoto::Property::setter_tUnion holding an accessor to set any type
Gyoto::Property::setter_unit_tUnion holding an accessor to set double or vector<double> with unit
Gyoto::SmartPointeeCan be pointed to by a SmartPointer
Gyoto::SmartPointer< T >Pointers performing reference counting
Gyoto::Astrobj::StandardAstronomical objects defined bya a potential/distance
Gyoto::Astrobj::Python::StandardCoding a Gyoto::Astrobj::Standard in Python
Gyoto::Astrobj::StarMass-less, spherical object following a timelike geodesic
Gyoto::Astrobj::StarTraceLike a Star that would be on all points of its orbit at all time
Gyoto::Hook::TellerListen to me and I'll warn you when I change
Gyoto::Spectrum::ThermalBremsstrahlungThermal brems spectrum
Gyoto::Spectrum::ThermalSynchrotronThermal synchrotron spectrum
Gyoto::Astrobj::ThickDiskA thick accretion disk described by its opening angle between the BH spin axis and the disk surface, and its inner radius
Gyoto::Astrobj::Python::ThinDiskCoding a Gyoto::Astrobj::ThinDisk in Python
Gyoto::Astrobj::ThinDiskGeometrically thin disks and rings
Gyoto::Astrobj::ThinDiskPLGeometrically thin disk with black-body emission
Gyoto::Astrobj::TorusOptically thin or thick torus in circular rotation
Gyoto::Spectrometer::UniformUniformly spaced spectrometers
Gyoto::Astrobj::UniformSphereOptically thick or thin, spherical objects
Gyoto::Units::UnitWrapper around ut_unit from udunits
Gyoto::ValueContainer for the value of a Property
Gyoto::WIPBase class for work in progress
Gyoto::WorldlineTimelike or null geodesics
Gyoto::Astrobj::XillverReflectionThe illumination table specifies how the thin disk is illuminated while the reflection table deduces from that the reflected spectrum as computed by Javier Garcia's XILLVER code

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